Add Ons and additional services you can get done ala carte

Nail Trim

Nail trim with buffing


Nail trim with buffing, shaveout paw pads, and paw balm massage

Pawdicure Deluxe:

Nail trim with buffing, nail pawlish, paw scissor trim, shaveout pads, and paw balm massage

Ear Cleaning:

Tea Tree ear solution rinse and wipe out of outer ear canal, scissor trimming of ear canal hair


Tooth brushing and breath freshening spray


15-minute brush-out and Organic coat spray, scent spritz

Face, Paw, Tail trim:

Trim to face and ears {not top of head or neck}, scissor trim around paws, and tail


Additional charge added onto bath or grooming fee for removal of excessive mats by shaving and/or mat splitting and brushing with de-matting spray/powder

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